The COUNTIF Function - A Tutorial Video With Examples

Countif Excel Function Tutorial
This function is a little more advanced among the various counting functions, but on the other hand it might grant you with higher value analysis of your data.

It lets you select a group of cells and determine how many entries of a specific word or number are found within that selection.

Unlike some of the more common features, COUNTIF does not have a formula quickbutton automatically found in your menu - you’ll have to enter the command and variables manually.

But, it's really not difficult! Simply type an equal sign and the countif tag in the target cell of your choosing, followed by a lead parentheses.
Now, select the cells you wish to poll, type a comma, and now the criteria to look for. Close the parentheses, hit Enter, and Excel will calculate your number!

Use the "Try it yourself" link found above to download the spreadhseet used in this video and practice it by yourself!