Using the vlookup function (exact)

Vlookup tutorial and examples - learn how to use it with searching for exact values.
Vlookup Tutorial For Beginners
This video shows how to use Excel's vlookup to fill in data for you:
You will enter the student's score, and the spreadsheet will automatically fill in the corresponding letter grade for this score (for Example 70 will give the letter "C" letter), and the corresponding verbal description (in our example: "Below average").

How will vlookup know how to do it? Well, it will take the score you enter, and will look it up in a table, and retrieve the value that is written there next to it.
In our first example, it will look for the value 70 in the table, and will retrieve the letter C which is in the 2nd column in the table.

You can download the spreadsheet used in this video by clicking the "Try it yourself" button above. Note: The video has on-screen instructions, no audio.

You are welcome to read the textual tutorial accompanying this video: More info about the vlookup function. It describes how to build the function step by step, shows a new example, shows how to copy this function, and suggests a way to overcome the annoying #N/A error code (for this see also the third video).