Using vlookup to Match Lists (And: Getting rid of the #N/A error)

Learn how to match lists using vlookup.
How do we use vlookup to match lists?
Do you remember that this function looks for a value inside a table, and if it doesn't find one it will show the "#N/A" error code?

Well, this video shows you how we can use this to our benefit when checking if two lists are identical, and to spot the missing values.

What we do, is we name one list, and then we put a vlookup function for every value on the second list. For every unmatched item, you will get the "Not Available" error code. This way you can see which item on the second list is missing from the first one.

The error codes that appear are annoying to the eye, so: Read more about the #N/A Error code and learn how to get rid of them.