Interactive Determiners Exercises

Click the determiners that can be found in the following sentences:
(The numbers in parentheses represent the number of determiners to find in the sentence)

1. My brother and I went to the store to get some milk and cookies. (2)
2. Did you hear that there is a store in town that is giving away five lotto tickets? (4)
3. How many times did I tell you not to touch the chocolate chip cookies? (2)
4. I love the book "Lord of the Rings", it is one of my favorites of the books I own. (3)
5. Can you find all of the determiners in the sentences? (3)
6. I wanted to see a new movie because I am tired of those reruns. (2)
7. Stephen King wrote a new book and this town has been going crazy over it. (2)
8. The writer Bugovsky started the company known as Lovelife. (2)
9. Few people can brave the wilds of Alaska, and only several can ever settle down there. (3)
10. There are five films in that collection of movies. (2)

Select the correct determiner from the choices given for each sentence:

1. (Many / A) writers have struggled to be recognized by current day publishers.
2. (These / Those) people in publishing houses do not know how hard it is to write a book.
3. (This / Those) dinner tonight is one of my favorites.
4. The President has had to spend (many / much) time on economic issues.
5. There is (five / some) milk still in the carton, so don’t buy more.
6. There is very (little / few) money left in the bank account.
7. There are a (few / little) coins still in the piggy bank.
8. (That / This) cat right here loves to climb trees.
9. Mary went to see ( a / the ) movie The Hobbit because she loved the book.
10. Could you pick me up ( a / the ) loaf of bread while you are out shopping?