Basic Nouns Interactive Exercises

Click all the nouns in the following sentences:

1. Billy and I walk to school every day because home is so close to the campus.
2. That teacher gives a lot of homework, but it helps students do better in the class.
3. George Washington was the 1st president of the United States and helped get this country started.
4. In Alaska, there are more moose than people, and in New Zealand, there are more sheep than there are people!
5. Boys and girls of all ages enjoy games and playing with toys.
6. Shirts, ties, socks, shoes, pants, jackets, and hats are all items of clothing.
7. Credit cards can be nice but many people get into trouble with debt.
8. Mammals, birds, and reptiles are just some of the types of animals that live in the forests of the world.
9. Do students ever read newspapers and magazines anymore?
10. Brother and sister like to read books about dragons, castles, and magic; I enjoy books about exotic places and far off lands.

Read the following paragraph and click all of the nouns:

The worst job I ever had was when I worked at a local apple factory. The first thing that made the job terrible was that the work was physically exhausting. Each night for ten hours, I took the cartons, which were filled with apples, and stacked them onto skids in a storage trailer. Each carton weighed around twenty-five pounds and was filled with bottled apple juice. The cartons came down on a conveyor, where I would take them off and then set them in the trailer; the cartons came down the track almost nonstop. The second thing about the job that sucked was the pay. I was getting the minimum wage, which was only just above three dollars an hour. As a bonus for pulling the night shift, I got an extra twenty-five cents an hour. I was putting in more than sixty hours a week just to get a decent paycheck each week. Finally, the worst part of working that job was that I despised the conditions I had to work in. I was allowed only to two short breaks and an unpaid break to eat lunch. Most of my shift was on the loading dock in freezing temperatures and totally exposed to the weather. It was a lonely job because I had nothing in common with my fellow workers. I felt this isolation the strongest at night when everything was shut down and everyone went home. I had to stay and spend the next two hours cleaning the apple storage vats by myself. It was a cold, miserable, and unrewarding job.