Prepositions Lists

Here are lists of prepositions organized into three categories: time, direction and place.
Note that many prepositions can be in multiple categories depending on how it is used in the sentence.

Prepositions of Time:

First, second, third, ect.
After, before, next, while, during, within, at, after, ago, between, in, on, past, since.

Prepositions of Direction

In, out, to, from, inside, outside, above, below, through, beside, over, around, under, by, among, with, against, about, after before, along, between, beyond.

Prepositions of Place (Locations)

Beside, below, above, under, in, out, in front, behind, before, after, along, among, at, between, beyond, into, near.

Alphabetic List

If you wish for full alphabetic ordered lists of one, two or three-word prepositions, you can find them in Wikipedia here.