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Angles Games

Angles Game - Shoot the Spaceship

Look out! Aliens are invading! And it’s up to you to shoot them down!

You are in control of a laser beam, and you need to set the right angle to fire it at in order to hit the flying saucer. The laser moves in steps of ten degrees at a time, so you need to work out the right angle – from zero through to 180 degrees – in order to hit the ship.

If you get it wrong, you’ll get two more chances – but if you haven’t hit the UFO by then, it will shoot you back!

This online game for children in fourth and fifth grades introduces angles in a fun way. See if you can get the correct angles to see off the alien invasion!
Game Specifications
Angle Range:Up to 180 degrees Action Speed:slow Special Education Compatibility:high
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Medium User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:K-4 Approx. Duration:5 Minute Overal Quality:High