Number Invaders Division Game

SPACE invaders are on the attack – so it’s time to boldly go where no mathematician has gone before.

Testing your multiplication or division skills, it’s up to you to answer puzzles correctly to defeat the invading space fleet. A question is posed at the bottom of the screen, and you need to shoot down the spaceship with the right answer. Make sure you get the aim right, though, as if you shoot the wrong ship, the invading fleet gets faster.

At the start, you choose whether you are testing multiplication or division, and which number to use from 2 to 12. Great for youngsters aged five to ten, and expect a few squeals as the invaders get closer!
Game Specifications
Number Range:Up to 100 Action Speed:Fast Special Education Compatibility:Low
Technology:Flash Difficulty:High User Controls:Mouse
For Grades: K-3, K-4 Approx. Duration:2 Minutes Overal Quality:Medium