Online Counting Money Game

Count money in this online activity for children – and earn your reward for knowing how to handle dollars and US coins!

In the game, you must drag the right amount of coins or notes into a box before clicking the “Check” button to see if you have the right answer. If you match the right amount of coins and notes to the total shown, you win a fish for your fish tank! Get it wrong, however, and you lose a fish!

There are three levels – in level one, you count to 99 cents, in level two you count up to ten dollars, while in the hardest level the highest total is 100 dollars. There are also beginner and expert modes – in beginner, you count using any combination of coins and bills, but in expert you must try and use the least amount of bills and coins.

Hints are available – making this a good learning tool for kids in second through to fourth grade. See how many fish you can add to your fish tank by showing how well you can count money!
Game Specifications
Currency Practice:Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters & Bills up to $100 Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:2, 3 and 4 Approx. Duration:10 Minutes Overal Quality:High