Mystery Numbers - A Place Value Game (Up to Millions)

CALLING all maths detectives!

There’s a mystery to solve and it’s up to you to follow the clues and come up with the right answer.

This game teaches you place values up to millions. Clues will tell you what numbers go in each place value slot – from the place for ones all the way up to millions – and it’s up to you to slot the right number in place.

Be careful where you drag the number – get it wrong and you’ll have to look back on the clues to see which number you may have accidentally covered up. When you’re happy with your answer, hit enter and see if you got it right. At the end, you’ll be told what percentage you got right.

Ideal for teaching children aged eight to ten in a non-timed, relaxing way.
Game Specifications
Number Range:Up to 9,999,999 Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:K-3, K-4 Approx. Duration:3 Minutes Overal Quality:Medium-High