Symmetry Artist: An Interactive Game Of Rotational Symmetry

Mathematics and art come together in this interactive activity.

This is a sketch pad which allows you to draw shapes around a line of symmetry. As you draw on one side of the line, a matching image appears on the other side of the line – helping to demonstrate how symmetry works.

While this is perhaps most useful for 1st through to 4th grade kids, it is interesting for a much wider age range, even for adults.

There is a host of different options too – from the number of rotations of symmetry up to nine, through to whether the symmetry appears around a line, an origin point or whether the symmetry is inverted. You can change the line thickness, the type and colour of lines and more, making it of appeal to the artistically minded!

When your drawing is complete, you can also print it to keep. See what mathematical artworks you can create!
Game Specifications
Type of Activity:Painting a symmetry drawing. Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:1-4 Approx. Duration:15 Minutes Overal Quality:High