Symmetry Polygons: An Interactive Game Of Lines Of Symmetry

Test your ability to recognise lines of symmetry with this game that challenges you to identify how many lines of symmetry different shapes have.

You will be shown a series of images and asked how many lines of symmetry the shape has. If you get the wrong answer, the shape will be folded to show you how many and you will lose five points, but if you get it right then you get ten points.

A help guide is available, and shape facts to give you a few hints and learn along the way, making this a useful – but sometimes tough – challenge for second to fourth grade kids.

See how high a score you can get!
Game Specifications
Type of Activity:Typing the Number of Symmetry Lines Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy-medium User Controls:Mouse & Keyboard
For Grades:1-4 Approx. Duration:6 Minutes Overal Quality:High