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What are Data Labels and How to Set Them

Sometimes it is hard to know the exact values depicted in the chart. Let’s have a look for example at the following chart:

An Excel chart without labels

How much did Danny scored in English? How much did Lisa score in Math?

In order to know the exact values of the chart’s columns, you can add data labels in the form of small numbers which will appear on the columns:

1. Select the chart by clicking it.

2. Choose the “Layout” tab.

3. Click the “Data Labels” button.

The Data Labels button on the ribbon

4. Choose one of the label’s locations from the menu.
(In the current example I chose "Inside End")

The Data Labels menu

That's it! Now the chart's columns have numbers inside of them indicating their values.
Here is how the chart looks like after we inserted the data labels:

An Excel chart with data labels