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Sorting your data in Excel spreadsheet

Rules for successful sorting
Before sorting, make sure your table of data meets all of the following criteria:

1. There are no empty rows nor empty columns inside the table. If there are empty rows or columns, Excel will sort only part of the table, while leaving the rest unsorted.

2. The first row of the table should be a titles row, and every column has its own unique title.

3. Leave a blank row above the titles row of the table (this is unnecessary if the table starts at the first row of the worksheet).

Remember you can freely click the “Undo” button in case things didn’t turn out the way you expected them to be.

How to sort - step by step:

1. Click inside the column you wish to sort by (it doesn’t matter where exactly, as long as it is inside the relevant column).

2. Click the “Sort & Filter” button.

3. Choose the sorting order:
- For numerical values, you can choose from “Largest to Smallest” or “Smallest to Largest”.
- For textual values, you can choose from “A to Z” or “Z to A”.
- For dates values, you can choose from “Oldest to Newest” or “Newest to Oldest”.

Your data is now sorted.

If you get the following message “The command could not be completed by using the range specified…” it means you forgot to click inside the table before trying to sort.