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Getting Rid of the Vlookup #N/A Error Code

When the vlookup function doesn’t find the value inside the range specified, it will write the #N/A code, meaning “Not Available”.

To get rid of this error code, you can put the vlookup inside an IF function together with the ISNA function in the following format:

=If (isna (vlookup(blabla)) , “”, vlookup(blabla))

In words:
If the vlookup function is N/A, then leave the cell blank, otherwise perform the vlookup function.

(It is recommended that you be familiar with the If Statement before you proceed.)

An Example (taken from the related video):


(Note the double parenthesis after the word “false” in both of its occurrences)

Let’s cut the above function into three parts, and examine them one by one:

First part:
In words:
If the function vlookup(D9,oldList,2,false) gives N/A - (this will happen if it didn’t find the value of cell D9 inside oldList),

Second part:
In words:
Then leave the cell blank (double quotation marks mean “blank”)

Third part:
In words:
Otherwise perform the vlookup as usual.