A Full Pronoun Test (Printable - With Answer Key)

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Pronoun Test

Topics: Identify pronouns, choose the correct pronoun, and use pronouns in sentences.

Test duration: 30 minutes.

Don't get stuck on an answer you don't know. Skip it, and go back to it later.

Good luck!


Part 1 (30 points)
Select the correct options from the choices given in brackets.

  1. How many times has Bill told a lie to (his / him) father?
  2. Where did Sally go with (she / her) friends yesterday?
  3. I love going to the park with Mark, even though (he / him) is a little odd.
  4. The cat was taking care of (its / his) young.
  5. The dog was chasing (her / its) tail.
  6. Many students wonder where (they / them) will end up after college.
  7. A parent always wonders if (he or she / they) are doing the best for the kids.
  8. How many times did Mr., Johnson have to tell you to stay out of (his / he / him) yard?
  9. I don’t know what’s gotten into the dogs but (them / they) have been barking all day.
  10. Look at the mother and father bird building (their / its) nest in the tree.

Part 2 (30 points)
Write some pronouns that you can use to refer to the following nouns.
For example: My family - We, Us, Our

  1. Billy _______________________
  2. Jane _______________________
  3. Mom _______________________
  4. Dad _________________________
  5. (First person) Your name ______________________
  6. Dog ____________________
  7. More than one parent _________________
  8. Someone you are speaking to ___________________
  9. Some objects ______________________
  10. An object __________________

Part 3 (30 points)
Finish the following sentences by supplying appropriate pronouns in the spaces provided.

  1. Plows were invented in Mesopotamia more than 5,000 years ago, and ________ vastly improved agriculture and crop production.
  2. John Deer was an American Blacksmith, and ________ developed great improvements to the design and structure of the plow.
  3. His wife believed in what he was doing and _______ supported him in all of his experiments and business ventures.
  4. The road to starting a business was hard and John wondered at times if _______ will ever see his dream come true.
  5. American farmers experimented and tried out John’s new plow design and __________ were very impressed with its strength and quality.
  6. John Deere sold thousands of plows when he first began to produce and market _______.
  7. John Deere moved in Illinois to help his business because ________ was a central spot for farmers and a great place to market his plow.
  8. In 1861, Deere incorporated his company and today _________ name is famous for quality tractors and farming equipment.
  9. Many agricultural associates in the country recommend _______ brand of tractor to farmers.
  10. John Deer probably had no idea how successful _____ would become.

Part 4 (10 pts.)

  1. Write two singular pronouns:
  2. Write two plural pronouns:
  3. Write two third-person pronouns:
  4. Write two indefinite pronouns:
  5. Write two relative pronouns: