Interactive Verbs Exercise

Click on the verbs in the following sentences:
(The numbers in parentheses represent how many words should be clicked in every sentence)

1. The band performed in the auditorium. (1)
2. Johhny wanted a puppy for his birthday. (1)
3. Mr. Jones bakes and sells delicious home-made bread. (2)
4. That math class is one of the hardest classes.(1)
5. I need a new pair of shoes. (1)
6. I walk, run, and bike each day. (3)
7. Some songs have been banned from radio play lists. (3)
8. Sarah wished for a new friend at school. (1)
9. In the old days, students always walked to school. (1)
10. Our house is the newest one on the block. (1)
11. Jake was saving his money because he needed a new bike. (3)
12. We have been baking, cooking, and cleaning all day long! (5)
13. The mechanic worked on our car for several hours. (1)
14. Sally brought a cake to the party. (1)
15. All of these chairs are busted. (1)
16. Tom could have passed the class if he had studied harder. (5)
17. She knits and sews very well. (2)
18. The baby is learning to crawl. (2)
19. I can help you with that assignment. (2)
20. That silly cat lies in the sun all day long. (1)