Basic and Intermediate Speed Typing Tests


This is much more than just a pair of tests, its a comprehensive set of lessons aimed at beginning typing students!

There are a total of seven lessons, from a basic home row introduction to more advanced demonstrations on symbols and punctuation. Each lesson provides easy-to-understand instructions on its topic, and has interactive word lines for students to practice on, pressure-free.

Each lesson is interactive and students can closely monitor their own progress and errors as they go.

There is also a freeform practice sheet for typists to work on before they attempt the tests. The tests themselves are timed and will give students a good representation of their typing abilities.

Basic & Intermediate Typing Test Specifications:
  • Topics Covered: Alphabet, Capitalization, Punctuation, Quotation Marks, Hyphen.
  • Statistics Presented: WPM (Words Per Minute), Accuracy, Keys per second, Raw words per minute (including errors), Number of errors.
  • Number of Activities: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy and Medium
  • Activity Speed: Slow
  • Special Education compatibility: High
  • Accompanying Illustrations: Errors highlighted in red, correct keystrokes highlighted in green.
  • Game Technology: Javascript
  • Overall Quality: High