Dance Mat Typing - A Typing Tutorial For Kids


With this interactive activity, students can learn to type through virtual dancing!

Younger, beginning typists will benefit greatly from this set of lessons. It starts out assuming no prior knowledge of typing at all, and the entire tutorial is narrated – perfect for young readers who may have very little keyboard experience!

The four levels of instruction will take students from the basics such as home row typing up to numbers, symbols, and capitalization in a short amount of time.

Each lesson is presented as a colorful and highly interactive game so that students can see their progress and better retain the concepts.

Dance Mat: Tutorial Specifications
  • Topics Covered: Alphabet, Capitalization, Punctuation
  • Statistics Presented: No statistics during practice
  • Number of Activities: 12
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Activity Speed: Slow
  • Special Education compatibility: High
  • Accompanying Illustrations: Animated Keyboard
  • Game Technology: Flash
  • Overall Quality: High