"How To Type" - A Typing Tutorial For Beginners

At: www.how-to-type.com

How To Type is a very thorough guide for typing. It has seven lessons that cover many of the basic techniques of keyboarding. Students who use it will receive detailed instructions on the concepts they need to become more proficient in typing.

Also, each lesson has many opportunities for practice – students will be able to practice every single key they learn immediately after the instructions.

The tutorial also offers a variety of long written passages for you to practice on with no pressure, as well as a typing speed test for when you’re ready to determine your WPM rate and accuracy.

"How To Type": Tutorial Specifications
  • Topics Covered: Alphabet, Capitalization, Punctuation, Numbers, Symbols
  • Statistics Presented: No statistics during practice, buy there is are some speed tests in between lessons.
  • Number of Activities: Around 50
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Activity Speed: Slow
  • Special Education compatibility: High
  • Accompanying Illustrations: None
  • Game Technology: Javascript
  • Overall Quality: Medium-High