Speed Typing Online Tutorial

At: www.speedtypingonline.com

This tutorial is an excellent tool for teaching less experienced students of typing, by providing them visual instructions for learning.

Each lesson has an image of hands and a keyboard, with prompts for each letter by highlighting the pertinent areas on the image. This permits no-pressure, self-guided learning and is very beneficial to students of all levels, especially the more independent students.

They can choose whichever skills they’d like to practice from the long list of available modules, and can then proceed at their own rate.

Each lesson also includes hands-on practice, and has a built-in timer and accuracy meter.

Speed Typing Online: Tutorial Specifications
  • Topics Covered: Alphabet, Capitalization, Punctuation
  • Statistics Presented: Elapsed Time, Percent Complete, Accuracy
  • Number of Activities: 22, plus custom activities
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Activity Speed: Slow
  • Special Education compatibility: High
  • Accompanying Illustrations: Keyboard And Fingers
  • Game Technology: Javascript
  • Overall Quality: High