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Where the heck are the buttons from 2003 & XP versions?

These videos are intended to make the hard shift from Excel 2003 to the new interface of 2007/2010 a little easier on you. You will learn to get around with the new "ribbon" instead of the traditional "menu". At the start it will be tough, you might get stuck with even the easiest tasks such as saving or opening a new workbook, but follow these videos carefuly, and I'm sure you will quickly get the grip of it.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar:
       The "Save", "Undo", "Redo" buttons.
"New", "Open", "Print", "save as..." - The Office button
Where is the zoom?
Where is the "Freeze Panes" option?
Where are the "Format Cells" and "Page layout" dialog boxes?
Where is the "Change Worksheet Direction" button?
To anyone who is accustomed to older Excel versions… (XP, 2003 etc.)

Yes, when I first started working with the new Excel interface, I was in shock too.

I tried to start and work as usual… but very soon I got stuck on the very basic issues: where is the “save” button? Where is the “undo”? Where is the “open” button? I found myself every other minute looking for a button or a feature from the former Excel versions.
And when I’m looking for them, I start to doubt – do they still exist, or were they replaced by something new and “sophisticated”?

Apparently – there is no need to worry – everything is still there, you just need to know where to look for it. When you get used to it (some quickly and some will have to take the time…) – you get back working efficiently.

In the above video clips I present the new locations of the buttons and features we are all accustomed to from the older Excel versions.