Free Online Place Value Crossword Puzzle (3 Digit Numbers)

A spin on the traditional crossword puzzle! In this number-based exercise, you answer with numbers instead of words.

Click on a square to get a simple, easy-to-read clue for that line.

It may ask you to solve an addition or subtraction problem (which needs close attention to the number's place value), convert a letter value to digits, finding the smallest or the largest 3 digit number, or other math-related requests.

The clues are all relatively simple and intended for younger students. It will help them practice their place value skills, including addition and subtraction, as well as concepts like integer placement (hundreds, tens, etc.).

Each number is exactly three digits, offering a challenge while simultaneously limiting the difficulty.

If the student gets stuck, they can hit the “Reveal” button on any clue to get them going again!