Freezing rows and columns on the worksheet

Learn how to freeze rows and columns on your spreadhseet to prevent them from scrolling.
Working with small tables and small amounts of information is easy, since the entire table is visible on the screen.
But when you scale up, you will find it increasingly harder to relate your table's content to the correct column or row headers, simply because you will need to repeatedly scroll left or right and up and down.

Don't hesitate to freeze panes on every big table you work with, it can save you from making errors such as typing data in the incorrect cell, or from drawing incorrect conclusions from your table.

It also gives a touch of professionalism, a detail that is greatly appreciated when several people share worksheets. This is a neat way of saving time and effort.

Locate the corner where the heading row and the heading column meet and select the cell in the inner part of that corner. Now go to the “View” tab in the ribbon and click “Freeze panes”.