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Algebra Games

Two Step Equation solving Game (One Variable)

Learn how to solve two-step equations with this great interactive test.

Two-step equations are those that require two steps in the process to work out the answer. For example, 2u-1=3 is a two-step equation. To solve it, you would take a first step of adding one to both sides to make it 2u=4. Your second step would then see you divide both sides by 2, to get a final answer of u=2.

This is a great way for seventh and eighth graders to learn about algebra – especially as if you get a question wrong, the way to get the right answer will be clearly explained to help out next time.

The more answers you get right, the higher your score!
Game Specifications
Objective:Solve Equations Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Javascript Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse & Keyboard
For Grades:Grade 7 Approx. Duration:8 Minutes Overal Quality:Medium-High