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Fun Interactive Algebra Activities for Kids

Here is a comprehensive selection of online activities for teachers to use with their students, and for homeschool parents with their kids.

The interactive games cover topics from pre algebra and algebra 1, offering fun math activities.

Among the subjects practiced are easy and simple topics such as the basic algebraic expressions and vocabulary, and some advanced educational topics as inequalities and solving and balancing equations, topics that are usually practiced in middle and high school.

Some activities could be used with elementary school children (such as 4th graders) but most are applicable with middle school or junior high students (grade 6 up to grade 9).
Equation Sovling Game
Algebra Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches - Algebra Game of Solving Equations
In this game you earn money prize as you solve equations.

You start with easy ones, and the equations get harder as the prize gets higher.

You can get help by clicking on the "hints" buttons, which will eliminate some of the answer options.

Expressions and Equations Word Problems
Algebra Noodle
Algebra Noodle - Algebra Expressions and Equations Word Problems Game
You start by choosing one of two difficulty levels.

You advance your pawns by picking cards and answering correctly word problems related to algebraic expressions and equations. Your job is to move both of your pawns into the middle of the board.

You play against the computer - every time you answer correctly, you get to choose the best roll from your die or from the computer's.

Solving 2 Step Equations Game
Algebra Hoop Shoot
Two Step Equations Game - Algebra Basketball Hoop Shoot Game
Start by choosing one player or two players, and the difficulty level ("skill level"), and click the "play" button.

An equation will appear, which can be solved in two steps. Click the correct answer among the four answer options.

If you are correct, you will be given a chance to shoot a hoop. If you are incorrect, you will be shown an animation of a missed hoop shoot. Good luck!
Balancing Equations Interactive Lesson
Balancing Equations Lesson
Algebra Lesson - Balancing Equations Interactive Lesson
This is a dynamic lesson which is beautifully illustrated on the subject of balancing equations.

It also involves some interactive problems, asking the student to choose the correct answer.

Solving 1 Step Equations Game
One Step Equations
Algebra Game - One Step Equation Problems With Whole Numbers
Note this game takes about 10 seconds to load.

This game consists of simple algebra problems.
In every trial you get to find a variable's value by making one operation on the given equation.

If you didn't get the answer correct, you will get a detailed explanation on how to solve it.

Solving 2 Step Equations Game
Two Step Equations
Algebra Game - Two Step Equation Problems With One Variable
Note this game takes about 10 seconds to load.

In every trial of this game you have to find a variable's value by making two operations on the given equation.

Usually one operation will be addition or subtraction, and the second operation will be multiplication or division.

Remmember that every operation is affecting both sides of the equation.

In case you make a mistake you will get a full description on how to solve the problem.
Representing & Solving Equations
Equations Representing & Solving
Algebra Equations Game - Represent & Solve Equations
In the first part of every problem, you are given an equation, and your job is to represent it by two types of value blocks - one representing the variable and the other a number.

After you reconstructed the equation successfuly using the value box, you solve the euqation and find the variable's value by making operations on both sides of the equatoin. You decide what operation to use (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) and the amount to use.
Matching Algebraic Expressions with Word Phrases
Algebraic Expressions Matching
Algebraic Expressions and Word Phrases Online Game
This is a matchin game where find pairs of two cards showing the same algebraic expressions.

On one card the expression will be represented with math symbols (numerals, variables and operations), and the other card will be showing it using a word phrase.

For example, 6n+2 will be matched with the phrase "six times a number plus 2".

Click the "Change size" button to increase the fonts used.