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Online Skip Counting Games

This block of fun math games, created for 1st and 2nd graders, will quiz students about more advanced ideas of number counting by asking them to skip numbers.

They range from skipping 1s to 2s to 5s and more, adding a wrinkle to conventional counting exercises and allowing the kids to have fun while they learn!

The teacher or students can select each lesson based on each student’s individual needs, such as counting downwards or skipping numbers in larger intervals. All of the free online activities presented here are fun and meaningful exercises in math and their colorful, interactive nature makes them very appealing to kids.

Students will also be able to test their own progress, as some of the drills make use of scores or timing to make them more competitive and give out grades based on performance.
Skip Counting By 2's
Skip Counting Washington Monument
Skip Counting Game By Twos - Washington Monument
Skip count by 2's, by clicking the numbered hot air balloons.

In every trial you will be given the number to start with.

As you click correctly, the balloons will rise. Try to reach the top of the Washington Monument to get some interesting facts about it.
Skip Counting By 3's
Skip Counting Seattle Space Needle
Skip Counting Game By Threes - Space Needle
Skip count by threes, and Get to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.

Click the ballons with the correct answers, and rise with them all the way to the top.

Clicking a wrong balloon will deflate it and start a descending, so tried to avoiding it.
Skip Counting By 5's
Skip Counting Empire State Building
Skip Counting Game By Fives - Empire State
Reach the top of the Empire State Building by correctly skip counting in intervals of 5.

In every trial you will be given a number from which to start skip counting. Count by clicking correctly on the numbered hot air balloons.
You choose the interval to practice (between 2-10)
Fruit Shoot Skip Counting
Fruit Shoot
Start by choosing the number to skip counting by. Then choose difficulty level (Relaxed mode or Timed mode).

In each trial you will get four numbers and a place holder of a missing number. Find the fruit with that missing number and shoot it. In the Timed Mode, the quicker you shoot correctly - the higher your score will be.
You choose the interval to practice (between 2-10)
Balloon Pop Skip Counting
Balloon Pop
After you choose the number to skip count by, you will get a screen with numbered balloons and two numbers in boxes at the top of the screen.

Keep counting by the interval of these two numbers, by popping the correct balloons.
Practice intervals between 2-10
Skip Counting Over The River
Cross The River
Help Sam reach the other side of the river, by clicking the numbered stones.

In every trial you will be given how many stones to skip count at a time.

Try to be correct, otherwise Sam will fall into the river, and you will have to start over again. To start another trial, click the "Reset" button.
You choose the interval to practice (between 1-9)
Skip Counting Squares
Number Squares
Start by choosing the number to skip count by (you can choose from 1 to 9).

Then you will find the first two numbers appearing in the number line at the bottom left.

Find the preceding numbers among the squares on the screen, and click them.

You will gain score on correct answers, and loose score on wrong answers.

Try to find all the missing numbers before the timer expires.
Skip Count by 2's
Skip Counting Fish
Fish Counting by 2's Game
The number 2 will appear on the screen, along with two numbered fish.

In every trial you will have to click the fish that is larger by 2, thus click the fish with 4, then with 6, then with 8, and so on, until you reach 20.
Skip Count by 2's
Connect the Dots
Connect The Dots
Reveal the hidden picture, by clicking the dots in intervals of two.

Start by clicking the dot next to the number 2, then click the dot next to the number 4 and so on.
Skip Count by 3's
Fill In The Missing Numbers
Fill in the Missing Numbers
Your job is to fill all the empty slots with multiples of the number 3, in their correct order.

Click an empty slot, and choose the correct number among the four number options that appear.

If you finished all slots and no "Well Done!" feedback appears, it means you have a mistake, look for it and make the appropriate corrections.