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Fun Interactive Percentage Activities and Exercises

The online percentage games on this page will help your students in their math lessons by giving them fun, simple exercises that they can complete at their leisure.

They also drill on fractions and decimals and their relationships with percentages, and ask students to work on their converting skills between the three topics.

The games here are all enjoyable and easy, and intended for 5th grade and 6th grade students.

Some of them are more advanced, and offer basic word problems in regards to percentages in addition to the normal math equations. Others ask students to match different numbers with their proper percentage, or convert fractions into their corresponding decimal percentage or vice versa.

All of them are perfect at teaching students the skills they need to be successful with percentages!
Match Percentages With Fractions & Pictures
Mission Magnetite
Percentage Game For Kids - Mission Magnetite
In this game you will be presented with percentages, fractions and pictures. Your job is to match these three.

Choose a percent by clicking it, and it will move to its slot on the bottom of the screen. Then find and click its equivalent fraction and picture.
If you are correct they will all be removed from the screen. If you are wrong they will return back to the screen.

Try to find them all before time is up.
Calculate Discount With Percentages
Troy's Toys
Interactive Percentage Game - Troy's Toys
This has two games to choose from:

In the first game you choose the toys to buy, and your job is to find their discount, while given their original price and the percent discount.
(ie. they cost $20 and there is a 10% discount. How much will you pay?)

The second game might be a little harder:
After you choose the toys to buy, you are given their original price and their discount, and you have to find the percent discount.
(ie. they cost $20 and the discount is $2 , what is the percent discount?)
Match Percentages and Decimals with Fractions
Target Shoot
Online Percentage Game - Target Shoot
In every trial a math problem will appear above, in which you have to find a matching fraction to a decimal or to a percentage.

Find the target with the correct answer, and click it.

There are 10 trials, and with every wrong answer you will lose one point of your score.
Calculate a Waiter's Tip Given The Bill & Percentage
Penguin Waiter's Tip
Math Percentage Game for Kids - Penguin Waiter's Tip
In this game you calculate the tip to give to the penguin waiter, based upon your bill and the percentage of tip to give.

Start by choosing one of four difficulty levels.

Then you will be shown your bill, and how much tip (in percentage) to give.
Type it in the textbox, and click the "Guess" button.

If you choose one of the two harder levels, you will be asked to calculate the percentage of the tip, or to calculate the original bill.
Calculate a Percentage of a Number
Balloon Invaders Percentage
Fun Interactive Percentage Game - Balloon Invaders
You start by choosing the percentage to practice, and clicking the "Play" button.

In every trial a percentage problem will appear on the screen.

Locate the balloon with the correct answer, and shoot it.

You can move your base using the keyboard arrows, and shoot using the spacebar.

This game is not easy, you should make your calculations quick and accurate.
Convert A Decimal Number Into Percentage
Decimal To Percentage
Percents Math Practicing - Convert Decimals to Percents Game
Start by clicking the small "Start" button.

In every trial you will be given a decimal number (between 0 and 2).
Type the equivalent percentage number (how much is that decimal in percents), and hit the Enter key.

Try to make as much correct answers possible within the alotted time given (one minute).
Convert A Percentage Into Decimal Number
Percents to Decimals
Convert Percents to Decimal Numbers Game
This game is similar to the one on the left, but the conversion goes in the opposite direction:

You are given a percentage between 0 and 200 (i.e. 128%) and you have to write its value as a decimal number (i.e. 1.28).
Matching Percentages With Simple Fractions
Matching Percentages
Percentage and Fractions Matching Game - An Online Activity for Children
This is similar to a memory matching game.

A board with covered cards will appear on the screen.
Click two cards to flip them and unveil the values hidden beneath.

Your job is to find identical values depicted in two forms: A percentage and a simple fraction (i.e. 20% and 1/5).

Try to find all matching pairs by using the least number of flips.
Matching Percentages With Decimals and Fractions
Interactive Percentage Activity For Kids - Decention
15 blue objects appear on the bottom of the screen.

Drag them into groups of three, based upon their values. Every three objects with the same value (i.e. 40%, 0.4 and 4/10), should be dragged into an empty circle placeholder.

When you filled all 5 empty circles with 3 blue objects, click the "check" button to get feedback, and start the next level, which will be more challenging.
Converting Percentages and Decimals Quiz
Percents & Decimals Quiz
Percentage Quiz for 5th Grade
In this quiz every problem has 4 answers to choose from.

Click the correct ansewr. The longer it takes for you to answer, the less points you will score for that problem.

You can click the "Hint" button if you get stuck or are unsure of the answer, and you will get help with the current problem.
Various Calculations With Percentages
Percentage Word Problems
Percentage Word Problems (Grade 6)
There are 8 word problems in this quiz, asking you to make various calculations with percentages.

There is no time limit, and if you make a wrong answer, you will get a detailed step by step explanation on how to make the correct calculation and get the right answer.

You proceed to the next problem by clicking the green arrow on the bottom-right of the screen.
Matching Decimals With Percentages
Rubber Relating Percents
Rubber Relating Percentage Game With Decimals
Boxes on the screen depict percentages, decimals and diagrams of fractions.

Match pairs of boxes by clicking a box from the upper row, and then clicking its match from the lower row.

If you are correct, a "rubber" will connect them together.

When you are finished, click the "Next" button for more pairs.
Conversion Between Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Percents Jeopardy
Percents Jeopardy Game (With Fractions and Decimals)
Choose the type of problem you wish to answer from one of the columns (such as: fractions to decimals, fractions to percents, decimals to percents etc.) and click a box from that column.

If you anwer correctly, you win the amount of points that were depicted on that box.

You can play this game alone, or against a friend.