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Interactive Subtraction Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for fun online activities for students to complete while simultaneously building their subtraction skills, then you can find what you need right here.

These interactive lessons are intended for children in 1st and 2nd grade, and provide opportunities for them to develop their skills in single and double digit subtraction, as well as subtraction with regrouping, all of them very important concepts for burgeoning math learners.

Children will be able to keep track of their score while they play, letting them and their teacher know what exactly they can improve upon, and which set of lessons will be ideal for them in their future learning.

From basketball to bowling to the Powerpuff Girls, there is something here to interest every student, and help them learn at the same time!
One Digit Subtraction
Minus Mission
Subtraction Minus Mission Game
An Easy game for first grade, you can choose the range of facts to practice and the speed of reaction needed. Proceeding to advanced levels will make it harder.

You can use the mouse to play this game, as well as the keyboard.

Two Digits With Regrouping
Math Basketball
Subtraction Math Basketball Game
In this fun game you have to choose where from to shoot the ball. Throwing from the wrong answer spot will make you miss the basket.
One Digit Problems Of Facts 1 - 9
Pearl Search
Pearl Search
Numbered pearls are lying on the bottom of the ocean.

Find the one with the answer to the presented problem, and pick it up.

There are two levels to choose from, an "Easy" one which is calm, and a "Super" one in which you should act quickly, before the shells close down.

Subtraction Of The Facts 2 and 3 (Arcade Game)
Subtraction Blast
Subtraction Blast
Numbers will be falling from above. Your job is to decrease them to zero before they hit you, by shooting the numbers 2 and 3 at them.

For example, if you see the number 7, shoot him with the numbers 3, 2 and 2 (so it will decrease to 4, 2 and finally 0).

Aim with the mouse, and shoot by clicking the numbers 2 or 3 on the keyboard.
One Digit Problems of Facts Up To 10
Subtraction Bowling
Subtraction Bowling
In this game, the math problems are represented by the pins standing at the end of the bowling alley.

Type the answer to each problem, and see the ball travelling down the alley and knocking down pins as the number of the subtracted number.

One Digit Problems Of Facts 1 - 9
Matching Subtraction
Matching Subtraction
Start by choosing the mode of the game - a relaxed mode or a timed mode.

Six cards will appear on the screen, half of them with numbers, and the other half with subtraction problems.
Match the problems with their answers, by clicking them one after the other.
Counting & subtracting facts up to 10
Busy Bees
Busy Bees
In every trial a sentence will appear such as:
"There were 10 bees. Some bees went inside the hive. How many bees went inside?"

The way to the answer is to count the number of bees that were left outside the hive, and subtract this number from the initial number of bees.

Type the number in the text box, and click the "Check" button.
If you are correct, you will see an "x-ray" view of the hive and the bees that went inisde it.
One digit problems of facts up to 10
Count Back Number Line
Count Back Number Line
Start by clicking the yellow arrow.

A subtraction problem will appear, along with a number line.

Type in the empty box the answer to the problem, and click the "check" button.

A bouncing dot will animate the answer on the number line.
One digit problems of facts up to 10
A Day At The Beach
A Day At the Beach
A simple animation with fish will appear on the screen, representing an accompanied single-digit problem.

Type the correct answer to the problem.
Click the flashing arrow for the next problem.

After 5 correct answers, you will get to paint a beautiful beach scene.
One digit problems from numbers up to 20
Totally Spies
Totally Spies
Help the spies fight the robots, by clicking the correct answer to the given problem.

A correct answer will make the spy hit the robot, otherwise it will be hit by the robot.

One digit problems from numbers up to 20
You can choose a specific number to practice.

Aquatic Speedway
Aquatic Speedway Subtraction
Start by choosing the number to practice (or range of numbers to practice) and the animal to represent you in the race.

Subtraction problems will appear on the top, with possible answers written in bubbles.
Click the bubble with the correct answer, to have your animal advance forward in the race. A wrong answer will give an advantage to your opponents.
You can choose the fact to practice between 2-12
Subtraction Balloon Invaders
Balloon Invaders
Start by choosing the minus symbol (for subtraction practice), and choosing the fact to practice (a fact between 2 and 12).

Shoot down the balloon with the answer to the math question that appear.

If you make a mistake, they will start moving faster. Don't let them reach the base!

You move your base with the keyboard arrows, and shoot by clicking the spacebar.
One digit problems from numbers up to 20
Fish Shop
Fish Shop
Help the customers of the fish shop choose the right fish, buy clicking the aquarium with the correct answer to the subtraction problem.

You can choose difficulty "Easy" or "Medium" for problems up to 10, or "Hard" for subtraction from numbers up to 20.

Facts up to 20
Speed Grid
Speed Grid
In this game you are given an answer to a subtraction problem, and you have to create the problem by clicking the numbers on the grid.

For example, if you get ? - ? = 12, then you can click the number 14 and then 2, to create the correct problem 14 - 2 = 12.

You can set the number of problems and the time limit at the beginning.

2 digit subtraction (up to 99)
Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls
Help the Powerpuff girls float with their balloons.

A stubtraction problem will appear on the screen, with three possible answers written in the girl's balloons.

Click the balloon with the correct answer, and the Powerpuff girl will drift towards you.

Making a wrong answer will have her drop towards the ground.

The problems include subtraction with regrouping.
You can choose single or double digit numbers, with or without regrouping

Fruit Shoot
Fruit Shoot
Start by choosing the scope of numbers to practice (single or double digit numbers), and whether to have subtraction problems with or without regrouping.

Then, choose between a relaxed game, or a timed game (faster).

In the game itself you have to shoot the fruit that has the correct answer to the presented problem.

You win points for correct answers, and loose points for wrong ones.
Three digit numbers with regrouping
3 Digit Subtraction Practice
3 Digit Subtraction Practice With Regrouping
This activity offers online practice of 3 digit subtraction problems.
Type the answer to the presented problem, and click the "Submit" button.

If you are correct, you will get a "Correct" sign and proceed on to the next problem.

If you are wrong, you will be shown the correct answer, and get the opportunity to see a detailed solution to this problem.
2 digit numbers with regrouping
Subtraction Questions
Subtraction With Regrouping Questions
This activity has 8 subtraction questions, in which you need to click the correct answer.

All questions are solved by using the regrouping ("borrowing") method.

After you choose the answer (whether right or wrong), you will see the steps needed to be taken to answer the questions.