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Free Math Rounding Games

These fun activities are designed to complement math learning for 2nd and 3rd grade students by focusing on rounding numbers up and down.

They are ideal for the lower grades that are just beginning to learn the importance of relationships between numbers and their placement in a longer formula.

Students will find them a welcome addition to their curriculum and math-related activities, as they are enjoyable interactive lessons that drill important concepts without too much pressure or tedium.

They make use of a visual learning style, which is easy to understand and great for younger kids, and the rules of each game are simple and welcoming.
Round to Nearest 10
Rounding Spaceships
Rounding Numbers games - Spaceships In every trial of this game you will be asked to round a number to the nearest ten. The solution will appear on one of the spaceships.

Click the spaceship with the correct answer and it will be sent on its way.

Sending 20 spaceships will make you win the game.

Round to Nearest 100
Rounding Sharks
Rounding Sharks In this rounding game you will round numbers into the nearest hundred.

Click the shark with the answer, to have it blast into pieces.

If you act slowly, the sharks will catch the poor goldfish, which will make you loose the game. But try avoiding clicking the wrong shark becuase it will send it to the goldfish even quicker...

Try to blast 20 sharks to be a winner of this game.
Round to Nearest 10
Interactive Rounding Crossword
Online Crossword Puzzle - Rounding To The Nearest 10 This is a fun, pressure-free interactive activity of rounding numbers. Just click a square in the crossword, and a rounding problem will appear.

You can get help with the "reveal" button. When you're finished, click the "Check Puzzle" button.

Round to Nearest 100
Interactive Rounding Crossword
Rounding to the Nearest 100 Crossword Puzzle This interactive crossword is similar to the one on the left, but in this one you will practice problems of rounding numbers to the nearest 100.