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Free Typing Speed Tests (WPM) Online

This collection of online tests provides extremely accurate and reliable results, reflecting your keyboarding skills.
Some of them, like the Alpha Typing Test, are more advanced and make use of special characters and symbols, like dollar signs and ampersands. The Basic & Intermediate Typing Tests are, as their name suggests, easier and more appropriate for checking the progress of more novice typists.
Any of these tests is perfect for giving you a precise words-per-minute (WPM) rate, and some of them also provide a detailed analysis of your performance and an accuracy percentage.
The instructions are easy to navigate, and with some of them you can share your results on your social networking site of choice!


Test your speed and accuracy of typing
Typing Speed Test
Typing Test For Kids - Free & Online Typing Speed Test
Here is a standard speed typing test, measured in Words Per Minute, and showing accuracy percentage.

Put your hands on the keyboard, concentrate and type carefully the paragraph shown.

Pay attention to capital letters!

Great various of texts to choose from
Online Typing Test
Online Typing Test WPM
This is a neat and easy to use speed typing test. Its uniqueness is the wide range of texts you can choose from (classic books summaries, short stories, song lyrics, random facts, proverbs, easy to type texts and more). There is even a custom option, allowing you to paste your own text you would like the test to be based upon.

You can also set the time of the test to other than the 1 minute standard (to have for example a 2 minute or a 5 minute test, or if you rather a short 30 seconds test).
One very simple test, and the second more advanced
Basic & Intermediate Typing Tests
Basic Speed Typing Test & Intermediate
Note that in these tests the time starts ticking from your first keystroke. When you finish typing the passage, all the results and statistics will appear.

You will find here two types of tests, one is very simple, covering only the alphabet and simple punctuation (no capitalization).
The second test is more advanced, covering capital letters and advanced punctuation.

Four typing tests, from simple to very complex
There is an option for a certificate printout

Alpha Typing Test
Free Touch Typing Test
Start by choosing one of the four touch typing tests:
The first test is composed of simple words, capitalization, punctuation and quotation marks.

The second test has also numbers and symbols (such as $ and &).

The two other tests are composed of advanced technical text.

The statistics given at the end are words per minute (WPM) and accuracy.

You can also sign up to their site (its free) and get a typing test certificate.