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Fun Interactive Spelling Activities For Kids

On this page you will find several games that help students practice their spelling skills.
The exercises run from kindergarten all the way up to eighth grade, for the Spelling Bee game. Many of these are hearing-based - the program reads the word to the student, who listens to the sounds and types out the letters they hear.
The games intended for younger children (pre-school and 1st grade), such as Dog’s Letter Pit, may skip the typing entirely and have students drag the letters that they hear.
These activities are fun and effective additions to any language arts curriculum. The wide variety of online spelling activities presented here promises an appropriately challenging exercise for students of 2nd and 3rd grade, at any level of skill!


Type your own words or choose a list
Fun Online Spelling Training
Online Spelling Training
A wonderful website to suit all your spelling needs!

You can either type your own words to practice, or choose a list from a huge assortment of spelling lists. The lists are organized by themes and by grades, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

As you type each word, you will immediately hear its pronunciation. This way you can also learn how to pronounce each word correctly.
Suitable for: Grades 1 up to 4
Spelling Simple 3 Letter Words
Dog's Letter Pit
Spelling Game For First Grade - Dog's Letter Pit
Click the dog to have him jump into the letter pit and splash out letters.

Listen to the narrator telling you what word does the dog want to build.

The narrator will also break the word into consonants and vowels, asking you to click each letter at a time and make that word.

Every click will make the dog jump to that letter. If you are correct, it will catch that letter and place it into its correct placeholder in the word frame.
Suitable for: 1st graders.
Complete the word fragment with the correct phoneme
Sandcastle Quiz
Sandcastle Quiz
Start the game by choosing the phonemes to practice.

In this game a word will be vocally said (listen carefully!) accompanied by a written word fragment. Click the sandpie with the phoneme that completes correctly the word fragment.

With every correct click a part of the sand castle will be built.

When you complete successfuly the sand castle, choose other phonemes to practice.

Suitable for: 2nd and 3rd graders.
Spelling Simple Nouns and Verbs
Spin and Spell
Spin and Spell (Nouns and Verbs)
Start by choosing your category of words:
Food, animals, transportation, around the house or clothes.
Then you will get an array full of pictures of items. Choose an item to spell and click it, it will be highlighted and read out loud. You can also click the "Pick a word for me" to have the computer pick your word.

Spell your chosen item by clicking the letters on the spinner. When you are done, click the "Submit" button, to recieve feedback.

If you can't get the word spelled right, click the "Show me the word" button to see how it is spelled.

You can get back to the main categories screen by using the "Home" button.
Suitable for: 1st and 2nd graders.
Fill in the missing letters in the incomplete words
Everglades spelling
Everglades Spelling
This is a fast paced underwater racing game. Start by choosing your animal to race with.

An incomplete word will appear in the box on the top left corner. Type the missing letter in the box under it, and hit the "Enter" key.

Every correct answer will drive your animal forward closer to the finish line. Every wrong answer will boost ahead your opponents.

If you succeed to reach the finish line first, you will advance to the next level, which presents harder words.
Suitable for: 3rd and 4th graders.

Spelling Simple Words of 3 and 4 letters
Puppy Letters
Clifford the Dog - Puppy Letters
This is an amusing game, in the theme of "Clifford the big red dog" kids cartoon.

There are two levels of difficulty:
In the easy level, the letters to spell are dimly shown, and your job is to cover them by dragging letters from below.

In the harder level, you have to listen carefully to what the girl is saying, and complete the missing letters in the empty word by dragging them from below.

You can have the girl repeat her sentence by clicking her.

The game is very user friendly, it won't enable you to place a letter in the wrong placeholder. Also you can always click the "Next" arrow and get a new word to spell.
Suitable for: Kids in kindergarten and 1st graders.
Finding the misspelled words and correcting them
Spell Check
Spell Check From Funbrain
Start by choosing the difficulty level (easy or hard).

In every trial four words will be displayed. One word will be spelled wrong. Locate that word, and put a checkmark next to it.

Then, spell that word correctly inside the text box, and click the "Check it!" button to get feedback and proceed to the next trial with four new words.

If you checked the wrong word, it will tell you to try again. If you checked the correct word but didn't spell it correctly, it will show you the right way to do it and you will proceed on to the next trial.
Suitable for: 3rd, 4th and 5th graders

Spelling Words That Were Visible and Now Hidden
Look Cover & Write
Look Cover & Write
On entering the game you can choose the list of words to practice.
You can use the proposed list, or edit it, or get more proposed lists by trying the various buttons on the bottom.
Then click the "Go" button.

The sequence of the game goes like this:
Have a close look at the word given. Then, click the "Cover" button.

A hand will come into the screen and cover the word. Now, Type the word in the white text box, and click the "Check" button.

If you are correct, you will proceed to the next word. Otherwise, you will be shown the same word again and get another chacne.
Suitable for: All grades (1 up to 8).