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Addition Online Interactive Activities for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade

This huge list of games is ideal for students age 6 and 7.

All of these free, interactive activities can be a great complementary exercise for math lessons, and help the kids test their skills when necessary.

Each drill will ask students to add together numbers, from simple problems with single digits to more complicated ones when students are ready for them.

They are presented in a style kids will enjoy and find extremely fun, which boosts their learning!

Since there are so many games on offer here, there is something for everyone - if the exercise is too demanding or not demanding enough, the student is welcome to find another one to suit his needs.
Free Addition Worskheets
Interactive worksheets:

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Number Range: You Choose It
Addition Sharks
Addition game - Sharks Shooting Save the little goldfish by shooting the sharks with the correct answers to the problems shown on the bottom.

Clicking the correct shark will blow him into pieces, but clicking the worng shark will only send him downwards faster towards the goldfish...
Number Range: You Choose It
Central Park Fun
Addition game - central park fun Numbered blimps will be floating above the Central Park.

Click the blimp with the correct answer to the problem that appears on the top, to have the park's colorful visitors walking in.

Answer 20 questions to win the game.
Number Range: You Choose It
Addition dragons
Addition game - Dragons, witch and castle Help the witch defend her castle from the dragons attacks.

Click the dragons with the correct answers to the problems that appear on the screen, and don't let them catch the witch.
Number Range: You Choose It
Addition Washington Monument
Addition game - Washington Monument - American Landmarks Try to fly the balloons to the top of the Washington Monument, by clicking correctly the balloons with the answers to the given problems.

When you succeed you will get to learn some interesting facts about the monument.
Number Range: You Choose It
Addition Empire State Building
Addition game - Empire Sate Building and Balloons Can you reach the top of the Empire State Building?

Click the balloons with the correct answers to the math questions that appear above, to have them fly higher and higher.

At the end, you will learn some interesting facts regarding the Empire State Building.
Number Range:
Custom (you can choose between 1-12)

Alien Addition
Alien Addition A fun game for practicing basic addition.
First choose the number range and the speed of the game.
Then start shooting those aliens which hold the correct problems!
Number Range:
Up to 10

Balloon Pop Math
Number Balloons Click on the balloons in ascending order, according to the results of the problems depicted on them.

This activity is fun and challenging - it demands the student to use broader attention and short term memory, taking into consideration all the other balloons appearing on the screen.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Edgemoor Tournament
Edgemoor Tournament This game is accompanied by a "storyline". Your job is to help the village of Ommelette, by winning an archery competition.

The way to shoot the arrows into the target is by answering correctly addition problems.

On the second stage of the game you'll have to catch running chicken which holds answers to similar math problems.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Sum Sense
Sum Sense Drag the numbered cards to the empty slots, to create a correct sum equation.
This is not always simple as it seems... for example, the answer to the above problem is 8+8=16
Number Range:
Up to 20 (changeable)

Fruit Shoot
Fruit Shoot In this game the mouse cursor changes into a target, with a math problem underneath it.

Shoot the fruit with the correct answer to that problem.
Number Range:
Up to 20 (on the "Medium" level)

Pyramid Escape
Number Pyramid Escape Start by choosing the "Medium" level for addition problems of up to 20 (Or the "Hard" level for problems up to 100 or "Really hard" for up to 1000)

Help Molly get out of the pyramid by choosing the correct answers to the math questions.

Every correct answer will bring her one step ahead.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Tom & Jerry
Tom and Jerry An addition problem will appear on the bottom on the screen.

Click the ball with the correct answer, and watch as jerry jumps successfuly over it.

Number Range:
Up to 20

Avoid The Flowers
Bee Avoid The Flowers Numebred flowers will be moving across the screen and the mouse cursor will become into a bee.

Catch the flower with the answer to the problem shown and avoid touching any other flower.

With every success one more flower will be added, thus making the game gradually harder.

Win the game by catching 20 flowers without touching any other flower.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Bug shoes
Bug Shoes In every trial a math problem will appear. Click the bug with the correct answer, and a short animation will appear.

Notice that the numbers in the questions are represented by shoes, thus enabling the student find the answer by counting and summing the shoes.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Addition Blast Off
Rocket Blast Off A target number will appear on the moon.
Click the numbers on the grid until they will sum up to that number.

With every success, a rocket will be launched towards the moon.

Try to use many numbers, for example, if the target number is 16, don't click just 9 and 7, but better sum them up like 5, 4, 2 and 5.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Add Like Mad
Add Like Mad A target numebr will be presented at the bottom of the screen.

Click the numbers in the greed to sum them up to that target number. Try to empty the grid in the alloted time, to progress to the next level.
Number Range:
Up to 20

Penguin Party
Penguin Party A math problem is presented at the bottom of the screen, along with 5 numbered penguins above it.

Your job is to find the penguin with the correct answer and feed it by clicking it.

You can choose to play this game in a "Normal" mode where there is no time limit to answer, or in the "Super" mode, where you have to act quickly, or the penguin disappears.
Number Range:
Up to 25

Balloon Invaders
Balloon Invaders Start by choosing the + sign for an addition game, and the fact to practice. Then click the "Play" button.

Move your character by using the left and right arrow keys.
Hit the spacebar to shoot.

Pop the balloon which has the right answer to the problem. With every mistake the balloons will move faster. Don't let them reach Earth!
Number Range:
Up to 25

Matching Addition
Matching Addition Match the addition problems to their correct answers by clicking them one after the other.

If you manage to complete all the board in the alloted time, you will advance to the next level.