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Fun Positive and Negative Integers Games

These games are about negative numbers and how they factor into positive integers through adding and subtracting.

The activities ask students to demonstrate their knowledge of negative numbers by providing them with equations that utilize them, or by asking them to sort out numbers based on their size, from smallest to largest or vice versa.

Students will enjoy these fun exercises and teachers will be able to track their progress based on each student’s performance.

The games allow students to level up when they score highly, giving them correspondingly challenging exercises and increasing their potential for learning!

These games are great for fifth-grade students and others interested in online integer practice.
Subtracting and Adding Negative Numbers
Speedboat Negative Numbers
Speedboat Negative Numbers Game In every trial you will be given two math problems.
Click the problem which has a positive result, and your speedboat will be sent to its way. Every such click on a problem with a positive result will accelerate your speedboat more and more.

Your goal is to pass the other speedboats and finish the track first.

You can choose from three levels of difficilty of problems.
Ordering Negative Numbers
Number Balls
Negative Numbers games - Number Balls This game will present you with various moving balls which have numbers on them. Some of the numbers are of positive value, and some of negative.

Click the balls in ascending order, from the smallest number to the largest.