Removing (Clearing) the Conditional Formatting

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

Once you have set all the conditional formatting rules and decided on how you want your spreadsheet to look, you might change your mind.

You might decide that the formatting you have put in place is too distracting and you want to remove it all. Or maybe not all of it, but just from a part of the worksheet.

In case the "Undo" doesn't do the work, it can be very difficult to remember what areas you selected and what rules exactly you applied for each selection. And then going into the menus and manually removing these rules one by one is really not pleasant, and prone to errors.

Have a look at the video, there is a special "Clear Rules" option from the menu that will easily do that job.

Steps for removing conditional formatting

To remove it from a specific region:

  1. Start by selecting the range.
  2. Click the "Conditional Formatting" button.
  3. Choose "Clear Rules..." and then "Clear Rules from Selected Cells".

To remove it from the entire worksheet:

  1. Click the "Conditional Formatting" button.
  2. Choose "Clear Rules…" and then "Clear Rules from Entire Sheet".