Free Online Excel Training Videos & Practice

Choose one of the subjects from above, and a list of relevant videos will appear. It includes many tutorial videos with easy step by step manual instructions.
In these pages you will find a complete free Excel course, suitable for beginners and intermediate users.

You will notice that all of the learning materials are available online for free, the videos are short and very easy to understand, planned especially for beginners.

For your convenience, the spreadsheets demonstrated in the videos are available for instant download.
This way you can immediately practice what you have just seen and learned.
Just look for the "download worksheet link below the video, click it and choose whether to open the spreadsheet inside your browser, or better download it to your computer and then open with Excel.

Who can benefit from these Excel tutorials?

  • School and College students learning an IT course (which usually includes the MS Office applications) and wish to rehearse at home the materials taught in class.
  • Job applicants who are going to be tested on their spreadsheet skills as a part of their job interview.
  • People already working with this application, who need help with freshening up their skills from time to time, or are looking for some specific answer to their problem such as how to create charts or to use formulas.

Actually anyone who seeks some quick Excel help can benefit from these short online lessons.