Free Online Probability Math Games

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Basic Probability Practice


In this game questions will appear in the form of "How likely is it that..." along with diagrams.

You can select your answer from four options: Certain, Probable, Unlikely and Impossible.


Pulling Objects From Bag


An illustrated problem will appear on the screen.
Move the mouse cursor to the question mark, and you will be given 5 answers to choose from.

After choosing your answer, click the "Check" button for receiving feedback.

Proceed to the next problem by clicking the broom icon.

Note that you can choose circle probability problems (instead of the bag problems) by clicking the circle tab on the bottom-left corner.


Probability Fair


This game consists of 6 different fun activities.

In these activities you can win tickets in carnival games, by making the correct calculations, and choosing the events with the highest chance of occuring.


Coco the Parrot


Answer various problems of independent events: Word problems, spinners and dice.

If you are incorrect, Coco the friendly parrot arrives and gives you a hint.


Probability Pond


This one has 3 categories of games:
"Describing Chances", "Finding Probability" and "Showing Probability".

In the "Describing Chances" games you will get questions regarding the likeliness of events to occur, whether certain or impossible, more likely, less likely or equally likely.

In the second category, you will be asked to depict certain events as a simple fraction.

In the third category of games you will be asked to arrange objects to depict a certain probability.


Probability Quiz


This quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions.

Click the correct answer for every question, and when you finish click the "Check Score" button.

Then you will get a full feedback where you can see your score and your correct and wrong answers, as well as a full detailed solution for every question.


Ball Picking Machine


The first part of this game consists of some trials in which colored balls are shuffeled inside the machine.

In every trial, two colored balls are given, and you have to estimate the chance of them being picked by the machine.

The second part consists of a simulation: Balls are shuffeled inside the machine, and every time you pull the handle, a ball is picked. There is a counter for every color, and you to see the relative frequency of the colors that were picked.


Probability Circus


3 colored spinners will appear on the screen.

A sentence will be given, asking you to click the spinner that reflects some fraction value.

For example, "The probability of the pointer landing on purple is 2/9" - in this case click a spinner that is divided into 9 color regions, and that only 2 of them are purple.

Educational Benefits

Here you can find opportunities for your students to learn about and demonstrate their proficiency in probability. They can demonstrate their critical thinking and math skills and have fun with these colorful games at the same time!

Some of the exercises give students a group of items, and they’l be asked to determine the chance of selecting each one. Others are in the form of word problems and can help prepare students for math tests or quizes, which ask questions in a similar format.

The games are simple, perfect for younger students needing to spend time on the these concepts and learn more about its basic principles.

Most activities are intended for kids in 4th and 5th grade, and some are suitable for middle school students as well.