Fun Interactive Simple Fractions Activities for Kids

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Fraction Matcher


Choose levels 1 or 2.

Drag identical fractions to the empty bowls.

Pizza Party


Detect the fraction represented by the pizza slices.

Fraction Matching with Pictures


Match the fractions with their corresponding pictures.

Fraction Matching with Words


Match the fractions with their corresponding words.

Identifying Fractions Quiz


This is a simple multiple-choice quiz, with answers.

Fraction Fling


Watch the given image, then aim carefully and shoot the bubble with the corresponding fraction.

Start by choosing between simple fractions or mixed numbers.

Pizza Pandas


Start by choosing whether to play against your friends or against the computer.

In every trial, a part of a pizza will appear. Click the correct fraction before your opponents do, to earn your panda her slice.

Firepit Fractions


It's barbecue time!

Read the fraction that appears inside the smoke. Then, click the correct sausage or bread that matches it.

Fraction Fiddle


This game takes a while to load, but it's worth it.

You are a chef in a bakery, and your job is to match the orders to the cake you deliver.

Mixed Numbers Quiz


This is a multiple choice quiz, consisting of 12 questions.

In each question, a picture will appear. Choose the answer with the matching mixed number.

The following are Flash Based Activities:

Modeling Fractions

Jelly Golf


Kids love this game! It has smooth animation and cute cartoon figures.

Set the swing according to the fraction given, and shoot the ball into the air.

Setting the swing correctly will bring the ball all the way exactly into the hole.

Advanced Simple Fractions -
Matching Written Fractions to Numeral and Visual Fractions

Fishy Fractions


Click the "START GAME" button at the game's page to enter the game.

A fraction will be written in words. Click the fish which has that fraction appear as a numerical or as a visual fraction.

Understanding Simple Fractions

Visual Fractions


After a short intro you can choose between level 1 and levels 2 and 3.

In level 1 you will be asked to sort a fraction of the objects (for example: sort 1/2 of the objects into the other box).

In levels 2 and 3 you will be asked to click on shapes that have some fraction shaded in (for example: 1/2 of the shape is shaded).

Educational Benefits

This block of computer math activities focuses exclusively on identifying fractions and is ideally suited for kids lessons in grades 3 and 4.

They offer instructions and learning resources for visual fractions and will also help students in modeling fractions and associated concepts.

By providing visual fractions in a kid-friendly manner, such as having to identify colored components in a circle or other geometric shape, students can better grasp the subject of fractions and will be better prepared to solve equations that involve them.

There are also multiple-choice questions that will foster critical thinking and give students a simple, fun way to learn more about fractions.

All instructions are easy to follow and will ensure that the children don’t get lost and miss out on valuable learning opportunities.