Beautiful Games - For Relaxation & Stress Relief

In Calm Online Mindfulness Environments

Once a day you should take a break from all the rush. Give yourself a few minutes of relaxation and become a bit calmer. Pay attention to the little things that surround you which are usually unnoticed. Follow your natural curiosity and release your inner explorer. Just a few minutes per day.

These relaxing environments will encourage you to stop and listen, watch and feel!

A beautiful journey over the Himalayas

Flying to the Everest

Can you navigate your hot air balloon to the top of Mount Everest?

This beautiful relaxing game, will have you flying over the Himalayas, in the quest to land on the highest mountain on Earth.

The journey won't be short, so take your time to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Navigate with the "Distance to Everest" indicator to see if you are heading to the right direction. It will become green if you are getting closer and red if you are getting further away.

The scenes in this game are based on real satellite imagery!

Relaxing with flowers and butterflies

A walk in the park

Watch the flowers and visit the lake.

Sit on a bench and enjoy the view.

Visit the cafe, watch the ducks, the birds and the fountains.

Blow bubbles in nature and fly with them

Floating with bubbles

Send bubbles into the wild.

Watch as they make their way towards the mountains, trees and lakes.

Fly yourself with a bubble high into the sky.

An online virtual ride

Amazing Roller Coaster Joyride

Let’s take a ride on our amazing roller coaster.

After the game begins, click on the screen to push the coaster forward and climb up the hill.
When you reach the top – sit back and enjoy your ride.

With every ride, a new adventure will unlock: Smashing crates and barrels, a huge redwood forest, a fortress, and even a ride through a tornado!