Word Training Course - Microsoft Office Online Training Videos

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used pieces of software on the planet – and this course can help you unlock its potential.

The course will teach you how to select and format text, edit, handle paragraphs and how Word can help you with spelling. It will also teach you keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work!

Along the way, you will learn how to add bold to text or change its color, how to put the right amount of space between paragraphs – and even how to move sections of text to another part of your document. And if you accidentally delete something, learn how to undo what you did to save the day!

Step by step, with a series of videos and friendly advice, it will help you to go from absolute beginner to a Word wizard.

Choose your subject from one of the subjects in the top menu, and a list of relevant tutorial videos will appear.

You will find here a practical step by step online guide, with simple and easy manual demonstrations.