Hi, my name is Barak Sofer, and here is the story of this website:

During the days that I was studying for a Masters degree in cognitive psychology, I was working as an IT teacher, teaching mostly Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

After graduation, I started working in a full time job in a high-tech company, as a cognitive psychologist.
Working from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 pm, I barely got to see my young daughter. All the long hours behind the desk, I missed teaching.
I quit after three years, and got back to teaching computers.

Trying to assist my students with rehearsing the material at home, I’ve created this website of tutorial videos, demonstrating them the material taught in class. The website was open to the public, and to my surprise it quickly became very popular, and I was receiving a lot of encouraging feedback. I even got called to talk about it in a technology program on a local radio station.

One year later I started a part time job guiding college students learning special education. I was guiding them with how to integrate the usage of computers with pupils with learning disabilities, in the fields of math and literature.
I’ve created a comprehensive assorted index of online math games, and started developing online math games by myself.

Since then I also also crossword puzzles and word searches for kids, a grammar and creative writing courses, and lessons of life skills for kids.

Creating and developing this website demands a lot of effort, but gives me a lot of satisfaction – instead of having 40 students a day who benefit from my learning materials - I’ve got thousands worldwide...

I hope you benefit from your visit to my website, and that you enjoy your learning.

I would appreciate your comments and feedback, you can contact me at my email:

[email protected]