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A complete typing game and tutorial

Typing Tycoon - Animals


This is a very amusing and addictive typing game.
It starts easy - just type correctly the letters J and F. For every correct keystroke you get a coin of $1.

If you type accurately long enough, you can advance to higher levels and unlock new letters which are worth more.

To make it fun and challenging, you can buy animals to help you, every animal has its unique powers and abilities.

Beautiful practice of whole words
3 difficulty levels

Town Creator - Typing Game


What can be better than making your own beautiful town, by typing words?

Every word you type another structure will be added to your town.

Starts with simple houses, and continues with trees, cars and more surprises!

When you're finished - click the "show off" button and present your town to your friends.

Practice of whole words
3 difficulty levels

Sea Life - Typing Game


Get ready for a majestic underwater experience!

Type words to add life to the ocean.

You begin with adding water plants, then you can add fish, shells, corals, floating islands, and even whales, dolphins and sharks!

A great arcade typing game
Two modes: beginners & advanced

Little Wizards vs. Zombies


Can you help the little wizards save your city from the zombies invasion?

There are two difficulty levels to choose from: beginners - in which in every wave a new letter is added, and advanced which starts with all letters.

Type the letters on the zombies to eliminate them.

Use your wizards' special magic powers - they can come in handy!

Practice of whole words
3 difficulty levels

Roller Coaster Typing


Join us to an amazing roller coaster ride!

Type the words in red to push the coaster to the top of the hill.

When you reach the top, the free ride begins.

Every stage will unlock a new thrilling adventure.

Practice whole words of custom complexity

Typing Asteroids


This game can remind you of the classic Atari "Missile Command" Game.

Asteroids with words are heading towards earth. Type quickly the words shown on them, to have your base send a laser and have it exploded.

You can set the difficulty of the game at the beginning, where "Easy" means short and simple words, up to "Hard" which will give you long and complex words.

Typing words of 3 letters and single letters

Air Typer


This is an arcade style game, in which you control an airplane. Your job is to get rid of the blimps by typing the words that appear on them.

After a wave of blimps, small hot air balloons will appear as well, type the letter that appear on each one of them.

If you are doing well, the "Zapper" bar will get full, and you could use the spacebar to "Zap" away all blimps and balloons currently on the screen.

Practice single letter typing

Cup Stacking Typing


This game enables the student to practice typing of single letters, in a relatively non pressuring environment.

The letters to type are bold and easily seen, the student can practice with almost no distractions around, making it also fit to be used with formal and special education as well.

Practice single letters and short words

War Of The Words


This is an arcade spaceship game with a cool and simple concept: Type the letters or the words that appear on the enemy ships, to have them blown into pieces.

Typing whole words and two word phrases

Excuses Excuses


This typing game has quite a funny concept: The teacher is asking "Where's your homework?!" and your job is to type the various answers ("excuses") that the children give.
The excuses could be of one word such as "crushed", "aliens", "flooded", or two word phrases such as "lost it", "acid rain" etc.

Note that the teacher has a limited capacity of patience, so not answering fast enough will make her angry, and you to lose the game...

Typing long words (minimum 4 letters)

Lightning Typing


In this game you play the kid who stands on the top of a block tower.

Small rabbits are coming running down the steps towards you.

Type the words that appear on the rabbits, before they reach the base of your block tower. Every correct letter will throw a tomato towards that rabbit, until you finish the words and the rabbit is knocked down.

If you type a word very fast - an amazing lightning bolt will be shot and electrify the rabbit.

You can set the complexity of the words to type

Snow Typer


Start by choosing the difficulty level (which sets the complexity of the words) and the speed of the game (which sets how fast will the words be falling).

Set the automatic correction to "ON", otherwise you will need to press the "Enter" key after each word.

In this game words will be dropped from the sky as snowflakes. If you don't succeed to type a word before it reaches the ground, your snowman will lose a part of it. When the snowman disappears - you lose the game.

Typing English Words (Short and Long Words)

NFL Football Rapid Typing


In this American Football typing game your aim is to kick the ball, pass all the opponent players and score a goal.

Every word you type correctly will result in a kick, which improves your chances of scoring a goal.

If the ball went down into your zone - you lose a life.

As you progress to advanced levels, there will be more opponent players blocking their end zone.

Includes practice of:
Capital letters, numbers and mouse clicks

Touch Typing


This game demands some multitasking skills.

Circles will be going down the screen. Type the letters or numbers that appear on them.

Pay attention to capitalization: The letter A for example should be typed while holding the Shift key.

The higher the letter is when you type it - the more points you will get for it.

Sometimes a pad will appear with the words "Click Me" - you should click them with the mouse.

The longer you progress with this game - the faster will the circles move. Good luck!

Fast practice of typing single letters

Alpha Attack


This is a fun arcade game, in which you have to defend your city which is being bombed with huge bombs.

Type quickly the letter that appear on the bombs to have them eliminated, or they will fall on your home town and you will lose a life.

You can also use a "Panic Bomb" which you deploy using the spacebar, and it will destroy all enemies currently on the screen.

You can choose among three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard which correspond to the speed the bombs are falling.

Typing Sentences (Slow Paced Game)

Sunrise Typer


In this game you type sentences in order to rise the sun from night to noon, over beautiful scenes.

The game is slow paced, meaning you don't have to keep up with a minimum typing speed in order to succeed, for it favors accuracy over speed.

Every correct letter typed will rise the sun a bit, and every mistake will descend it backwards.

When the sun reaches the center of the sky, you will advance to the next level with a new scene.

It is very appealing to see how every scene appears gradually out of the darkness of the night into the brightness of the day.

Typing Single Letters

Type Rocket 60


In this challenging game you've got one minute to explode as many rockets as possible.

Type the letters on the rockets to explode them.

The game starts slowly and easy, with one rocket at a time, but quickly becomes very challenging with high density of rockets.

Nice background music and graphics, watch the rockets as they explode with a beautiful fireworks effect.

Typing The Letters A-Z

Letter Launch Strategy Game


In this typing game you have to plan your steps carefully.

Various kinds of objects will be floating and moving across the screen.

Your job is to launch all letters from A to Z (in what order you choose) successfully to the top of the screen without having them touch the objects.

It starts easy, with a big blue ball which you can anticipate its movement, but becomes trickier with every level you proceed.

Typing Letter Strings

Magic Spells


Try to outsmart the witch by typing and eliminating the words before they go into the boiling pot.

Occasionally you can use magic spells to help you in your mission:

When a blue spell appears to the right, type the word "Pax" to freeze the words on the screen and stop them from falling down for a few seconds.

When the yellow spell is ready, type the word "Redux" to reset all your missed words in that level.

When a red spell is ready, type the word "Omnio" to clear all words from the screen.

Typing Short Letter Strings

Bubble Speedy Typing


Bubbles with letter strings will be floating up the bath.

Pop them by typing quickly the letters, before they reach the sealing and pop by themselves.

The quicker you type, the higher the score you get for every bubble.

If you type good and quick - you will advance to higher difficulty levels.

Educational Benefits

In this page you are presented with a large variety of free online typing activities (games & tutorials) for elementary school kids (best for children in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade).

Practicing these activities will help students learn how to type faster and improve their speed and accuracy of their keyboarding skills. Disguised as computer arcade games, these are all educational unblocked typing exercises, in various skill levels: Typing English single letters, words or even sentences.

At the beginning, the boys and girls will find it best to start with the simple beginner exercises (some are slow and very easy), and after improving their skills, proceed to advanced and harder activities.

On the left menu, you can also find tutorials to learn the basics of typing, various tests (timed tests & speed tests) and lessons.

All training resources on this website are free and online, without the need to download and install any further software on your computer, as students can play directly from the browser.