Handling Spelling Issues

Microsoft Word can assist you a lot with correcting misspelled words and typos.
Sometimes it corrects it automatically (type for example the word “suggestion” with only one “g” and see what happens). In other occasions it marks these words with a red underline, pulling your attention towards them.

The two videos above show the different ways of handling spelling issues, and how to use the built in dictionary.

How to correct spelling mistakes by using Word's suggestions

When a word is spelled wrong, it gets marked with a red underline (meaning it doesn’t appear in the built-in dictionary).

A common spelling mistake happens also when you accidently omit the space between two words, it will be considered by Word as a "typo", and marked with red underline.

When you right-click such a word, you will usually get a list of suggested corrections (if it has any).

If you find the correct spelling among the list, then click it and it will replace the misspelled word.

Adding a new word to the dictionary

Sometimes a word is written correctly, but it still gets a red underline because it doesn’t appear in Word’s dictionary.

If you are sure the word is written correctly, you can add it to the dictionary:

Right click it, and choose: “Add to Dictionary”.

Now this word will be recognized by the computer, and wouldn’t be marked with the red underline anymore.