Online Equivalent Fractions Activities & Exercises

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Target Shoot


Four targets with fractions appear on the screen along with a question such as : "What is 2/3 equivalent to?".

Shoot the target with the correct answer by clicking it with the mouse.

There are 20 questions, click carefully because you get 1 point for every correct answer, but you lose 1 point for every wrong answer.

Matching Cards


Drag the green cards from the right and drop them on their matching ones on the left. There are a total of 9 cards.

When you finish, you can get a set of new cards to practice.



15 fractions are located on the ground.

Drag them into the circles around, and make groups of three equivalent fractions in every circle.

When you finish, click the "Check" button to check your accuracy.

Fresh Baked Fractions


Start by choosing the difficulty level.

In every trial you will be presented with four fractions. Three of them are equivalent, while one of them is not equal.

Click the fraction that is not equal to proceed to the next trial.

Fraction Turtle Helpers


In every trial you will be given a "true" or "False" question, whether two fractions are equal to each other or not.

Click the turtle that holds the correct answer to proceed to the next trial.

Fraction Matcher


Six fractions will appear in various forms, as illustrations and in numbered form.

Drag two equivalents onto the plates, then click the "Check" button that will appear.

Equivalent Splat


This is a fun "Fruit Ninja" style game, in which you get a fraction in the form of numbers, and shoot down its corresponding diagram.

There are lots of variations and difficulty levels to choose from!

Fill in the missing denominators


You will be given a set of fraction pairs. In each pair, one denominator will be missing.

Type in the missing denominators, and click the "Check" button to get feedback and see which answers were correct and which were wrong.

Multiple Choice Questions


In this activity you will be presented a fraction on the top, and five cards on the bottom, depicting fractions whether as numbers or as a diagram.

Click the card on the bottom that represents the equivalent fraction.

Equivalent Fractions Matching


A set of cards will appear on the top and on the bottom.

Every card has a fraction represented, either as numbers or as diagrams.

Create pairs of equivalent fractions by matching the above cards to their correspondent bottom cards.

Equivalent Fractions Quiz


This is a multiple choice quiz which consists of 10 questions.

Each question comes with a complete and detailed solution which the student can learn from.

Educational Benefits

The interactive, free activities found here are meant to help students develop skills in identifying and comparing different sets of equivalent fractions.

They will allow students to visualize each fraction by providing pictures and graphics, and show them other fractions that may or may not be equal.

These lessons are suitable for kids in grades 3rd, 4th & 5th grade and are perfect for building skill and confidence in the subject area by letting the children have fun and learn about math, through playing games and injecting some excitement into the subject.

The games are relatively easy and provide a gentle to moderate challenge at each level, ideal for guiding students along in their journey in learning fractions.