Interactive Symmetry Activities

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Practice Horizontal & Vertical Symmetry Lines

Lines Of Symmetry


Start by choosing the type of line to practice: Horizontal, vertical or both. Then click the "New Figure" Button.

For every shape that appears, drag the line of symmetry to the location where it bisects the shape into two identical reflective halfs.
Listen to the feedback sound, to know whether you were correct and precise.
Click the "New Figure" button to practice another shape.

Interactive Rotational Symmetry Activity

Symmetry Artist


An excellent symmetry painting online activity!

You can choose the type of reflection symmetry (horizontal, vertical, diagonal etc.) and the order of rotational symmetry (between 2 and 9).

You can choose the pen type (pen, circle, dots, lines), the thickness of the pen and the color to use.

An Online Rotational Symmetry Game

Rotational Symmetry


A figure will appear on the screen.

Try to guess the order of the rotational symmetry for that figure.

Click the top green arrow to see the figure rotate.

You can click the top blank grey box to reveal the answer.

Click the bottom grey box to see a counter showing the order of rotation while the figure is rotating.

Go forward to the next figure (or backwards to the previous one) by using the two green arrows.

Educational Benefits

Here you’ll find games that practice symmetry concepts, including rotational symmetry, lines of symmetry, reflection, mirror lines, and congruence.

They all combine visual representations and easy-to-follow tutorials for each component. This method is perfect for more abstract concepts of mathematics like this one, which may be difficult to understand without visualization.

Students can set their own pace, as most of the games are not timed and there is no pressure on them to complete the tests. If they’re struggling with the concepts of a game or if it’s not explaining the lessons in a manner the student understands, they can try a different one.

This gives them an easy learning environment where they can excel at learning concepts in mathematics. Perfect for grades 2-4!