Free Online Division Games for Kids

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Facts range: 1-10

Division Dragons


Save the witch from the dragons - shoot the dragon that has the correct answer to the math problem.

Clicking the wrong dragon, will get him closer to the witch, but clicking the correct one will have him blown into pieces.

Facts range: Custom (You can choose between 1-10)

Town Creator - Division Game


This is a great way to practice division!

Build your town of dreams by answering correctly the problems that appear above.

You can choose specifically the division problems to appear during the game.

Facts range: You choose the exact numbers to practice.

Sea Life - Division Game


Practice your division skills to create your own marvelous sea world!

Choose the specific problems to practice, and start the game.

In every level you unlock new exciting objects, such as plants, corals, shells, and of course fish.

Don't miss the last special level, in which you get to add whales, sharks and dolphins.

Facts range: Custom (You can choose between 1-12)

Division Demolition


In this activity you have an answer to a problem already written under your cannon.

You have to find and shoot the tank with the correct matching problem.

Facts range: Custom (You can choose between 2-12)

Croc Doc


After choosing an "Easy" mode (no time limit) or the "Super" mode (where you have to act fast), and choosing the fact to practice, the game begins: Brush the teeth of the crocodile with the correct answer to the problem that appears in the water.

Facts range: You can choose between Easy (1-5), Medium (1-10) or Hard (1-13)

Fruit Shoot


Shoot the fruit with the correct answer to the problem which appears on your target.

Try to shoot as much correct fruits in the time given.

Educational Benefits

Each game on this page is dedicated solely to helping children in 3rd and 4th grades learn about division.

They are great for elementary school kids who need some additional practice for this topic, and for teachers looking for fun educational activities for their students.

In the activities presented here, the students don't need to type in the answers, they can just click them with the mouse, whether to shoot down dragons, tanks, fruits or balloons, to brush a crocodile's teeth, or to match cards or colored balls.

While some of the games can be quite challenging, none of them are really hard and hopefully kids will enjoy themselves while they practice math.