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Working with Rows and Columns, Freezing Panes

You can change the width of columns in the worksheet, as well as the rows height, so they can fit your data best. You will learn here how how to do it, and also how you can add new rows and columns, or delete them if necessary.
There is also a video teaching you how to freeze a portion of the worksheet, for easy and effective scrolling.
Adjusting column width
Adjusting rows height
Adding new rows
Deleting rows
Freeze panes -
       Freezing rows and columns

The spreadsheet is a huge table, consisting of numerous rows and columns, which can be easily manipulated.

You can add or delete rows and columns, one by one, or many simultaneously.
The columns width, as well as the rows height can be adjusted carefully, to fit best your data.

Freezing panes comes to aid you when you scroll a big table, and the headers (titles) row and column have gone outside of the screen, making the table's data incomprehensible. Freezing them on the screen will keep them visible despite the scrolling.

Read here about the number of rows in the worksheet: Excel 2007 Row Limit