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Working with the "Filter" utility in Excel

Learn how to filter your data in Excel - extracting specific rows from your content, and hiding the others. You'll see how to filter by texts, numerical values and dates. Easy Examples and self practice spreadsheets are included.
Basic filtering
Filtering by numerical values
Filtering by texts
Filtering by dates
More examples of using Excel's filtering
When should you use the “Filter” utility?

Whenever you have a big table, from which you want to show only certain rows that fulfill some criteria.

For example, in an employment agency you have a big table of job seeker’s personal details.
The details could be: First and last name, age, gender, marital status, phone number, home address, expected wage and of course - profession.

By using the “Filter” utility you can quickly bring up from your table and show:
All the job seekers that live in New Jersey.
All the seekers who are female.
All the seekers with the profession defined as: model.
All the Female models who live in New Jersey.
All the Female models who are single and live in New Jersey and are between the ages 22-28.
...The lawyer with the lowest “expected wage” in New Jersey...