Using the "Find" tool (simple)

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

Why and when is it useful?

The Find tool is one of the single most useful features in any Office program, including Excel.

It is very useful when you have a large set of data, and you wish to find something specific inside it. For example if you have a large table of people's details, and you wish to find a specific person, or to find an ID number.

Using the binoculars button on the ribbon, or alternatively hitting CTRL+F keyboard shortcut keys, will let you type in and find a word or number in your spreadsheet. It will find each instance of that word throughout your data and you can cycle one by one through all of them.

Once you’ve found the word you need, you can freely modify it as needed.

In addition, you’ll find that the CTRL+F shortcut has become quite universal, and you can even use it in programs that are not Office-based or even Microsoft, such as Google Chrome and other internet browsers, to find a word in a webpage.