Using the "Replace" tool

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

Why and when is "Replace" useful?

The "Replace" feature, selected in the Find menu or by hitting the CTRL+H keyboard shortcut, allows you to change any pattern of words or numbers into any other pattern of words or numbers throughout the entire text.

This is perfect for when you’ve misspelled a name or other word. Replace will let you correct all of the misspelled instances without having to track each one down individually, which could become very tedious depending on the length of your text.

Moreover, if you want to change all occurrences of one text by another one, you can use the "Replace All" option. This will also inform you how many replacements were made.

In case you made a mistake replacement, you can always click "undo" or ctrl+z after it was made, to undo it, even if you used "Replace All".